Event Programme

29 JANUARY 2019

Session 1


Creating a Digital Future

Breaking Down Digital Borders
How Digitalization Affects Global & Local Cultures?
What are limitations of the current technologies in use today?
AI, Machine Learning, NLP, AR, VR

Session 2


Data, Cloud and Cyber Security

A Connected and Safer Future: From C-V2X to #5Gmobility
Big Data: Challenges Of Master Data Management In The Age Of Digitalization
Cloud Computing And Data Protection: What You Need to Know?

Session 3


Industry 4.0 End-2-End: Manufacturing and Services 4.0

The fourth coming: How Industry 4.0 will transform the sectors?
Understanding the Technologies Behind Industry 4.0 Manufacturing
The Factory of the Future

Session 4


Case Studies: Digital Transformation

From IoT to IIoT to Industry 4.0: The Evolution of the Industrial Sector
Bank 4.0 – Banking everywhere, but not at a bank
A Look at the Future of 5G-Powered Smart Cities
Retail IoT: Liberating or spooky?
Changing for the change: The revolution at Education and Healthcare Sectors with Digitalization