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As EFF Organization Limited (”EFF organization"), we work to protect the privacy of our members who use our site in order to ensure that our users make safe and complete use of our services. This text of the lighting is the www operated by the EFF it is intended to inform you about your personal data processed through the website (“Itforumturkey”). We are extremely sensitive about the security of our valued members ' personal data.

In this aspect, as EFF organization, we attach great importance to maintaining all kinds of personal data belonging to our members by processing them as best and with care as possible. Aware of this responsibility, we process your personal data in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the protection of personal data (“law”) and related legislation in order to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the privacy of private life.

1. Data Officer

EFF Organization, Act 3. it processes your personal data as “Data Officer” defined in the article.

2. Collection, processing and processing of personal data

EFF the organization by First Name, Last Name, contact information, your participation in the events organized by US, interests, institution/field/Field Research, Analysis, Reporting the realization of activities, advertising, sales and marketing operations for the Planning, Organization, meetings, invitations and activities, sending commercial electronic message, and social media for promotion and advertisement of the participants through studies, corporate governance, and formulation of communication activities, etc. your personal data obtained through media for the following purposes, Act 5. and 6. it shall be processed within the terms and purposes specified in its articles. The activities of the organization eff eff eff may change depending on your personal data although internet sites connected to the organization and the organization's website, online services, member registration forms, membership application forms, membership contracts, visitor list, organized under EFF Organisation organization/event/activity, etc. the introduction of activities, EFF Organization offices, units, ticket sales companies, public institutions and organizations, sponsors, business partners services received in the nature of a complement or extension of the activities of the organization EFF, providers, contracted organizations they support activities of a secondary nature, with institutions/organizations/businesses, and other similar channels through automatic or non-automatic means, written, oral or electronically may be collected. Your special qualified personal data and general qualified personal data may be processed by the EFF Organization for the purposes specified below.

Your personal data, including your specially qualified personal data, is processed in direct proportion to the legitimate interest of the data controller for the following purposes:

  • Performance of Eff organizational activities as required,
  • Ensuring the network environment in trust in EFF Organization activities,
  • Launch, planning and management of Eff Organization activities membership application and membership operations can be maintained if they become a member, members can be informed of developments and innovations related to the processes, and current news can reach members if they register for newsletters,
  • Planning and managing the inner workings of the EFF organization, improving the services provided by the EFF organization and conducting analysis,
  • EFF organization's internal relations and operational activities with sponsors can be carried out in a healthy way,
  • Training and development of EFF Organization employees, prevention of abuse and unauthorized transactions,
  • Performing risk management and quality improvement activities, conducting research,
  • Fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Billing in exchange for our services, confirming your identity,
  • Evaluating your effectiveness within the EFF organization's system,
  • Reporting and analysis to improve and improve EFF Organization services and member performance,
  • Ability to compare performance assessments between existing members within the EFF Organization system and people who have previously terminated membership,
  • Compliance with EFF organization's policies and procedures,
  • It will be able to be processed for the purposes of measuring member satisfaction and performance criteria.
  • In accordance with the law, EFF organization, as a data officer, may obtain, collect, record, store, store, maintain, update, modify, reorganize, use, disclose, transfer, transfer, Share, limit personal information within the framework described in the law and limited to the time required for the purposes and purposes specified above, in order to maintain its services, in cases permitted by law and to the extent permitted by law, it will be able to make it anonymous and function in other ways counted in the law.
  • When the purpose of processing your personal data is eliminated, all your processed personal data may be anonymized and continued to be used or destroyed inaccessible, provided that necessary and reasonable information security measures are taken.

3. Transfer Of Personal Data

For the above purposes, your personal data, sharing our data security awareness, compliance with the provisions of relevant legislation EFF Organization employees, shareholders, managers, external service providers, business partners, EFF research by the organisation, promotion, human resources, legal, financial and tax advisors, auditors, the people and companies we serve suppliers, customers, consultants, attorneys, corporate executives, insurance companies, General Directorate of security, private institutions and public institutions and authorities and the third parties that received counseling and, if necessary, in cooperation with the organization sponsors the EFF with authorities, ministries, relevant judicial authorities such as public institutions and our group companies, our business partners, our stakeholders and our business contacts used by the information technologies, due to servers that are located domestically or abroad with companies that support this server and the physical server and/or cloud service we received domestic/foreign institutions and individuals, the organisation that processes data on behalf of EFF, customer satisfaction measurement, profiling support, sales and marketing in the field of the processing of personal data issues that you need to companies who support our activities and we are contracted by the customers we serve, the suppliers, auditing companies, and not limited to the legitimate interests of the data officer due to domestic or foreign third parties only in case of need, with the aim of processing is measured, however, within the limits permitted by the legislation (Article 8 of the law. and 9. in accordance with their articles) will be shared. Your personal data may be transferred electronically or physically. During this transfer, the security of electronic transfers and physical transfers are taken on the basis of data security and your personal data is not allowed to fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

4. Method and legal reason for collecting personal data

Your personal data is included in Section 2 of this lighting text. in any oral, written or electronic form, including the methods specified in Article 2 above. to be limited to within the scope of the article provided for, and EFF for the continuation of the activities of the organization, you enter into, and/or the fulfillment of the requirement of the contracts we have entered into, Planning, Statistics, surveys, membership, operations, customer and membership satisfaction studies, and related services, the provision of various notifications, reporting, and analysis can be made appropriate for you personally and various advantages can be provided to you before advertising, publicity, sales, marketing, informational, promotional, gift, giveaway, notification, etc. it is collected in order to evaluate, increase the performance of members in the group and to provide better and reliable service to you as a result, to develop services and products that are suitable for you and to maintain it without interruption.

In this context, the legal reason for EFF organization's processing of personal data is in some cases, but not limited to, law 5. 6 of the law in some cases, such as it may be directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract under article, it is mandatory for the EFF organization to fulfill its contractual obligations, it is necessary for the use or protection of the right, it is necessary for the performance of the contract. by express consent granted under Article 5 of the law in any case. and 6. it is carried out in accordance with the terms and purposes of processing personal data specified in the article.

5. Data Security

EFF organization carefully protects your personal data within technical and administrative measures. The security measures taken by the EFF organization are provided at an appropriate level and within the framework of technological facilities that can counter potential risks. In this context, some of the measures taken by the EFF organization can be exemplified as follows, not limited to:

  • Limiting access to personal data by those working and receiving services within the EFF organization,
  • Penetration (penetration) tests to identify risks, threats, vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities to our company's information systems and take the necessary measures,
  • Using software and hardware that includes virus protection systems and firewalls in digital environments, applying penetration tests,
  • Ensuring that personal data contained in a physical environment is stored separately from the media available to everyone,
  • In addition to the administrative measures taken for personal data, to provide regular information on data security issues to employees involved in the processing of specially qualified personal data,
  • Maximum care for documents that need to be transferred in the paper environment,
  • Technical and administrative measures are implemented, such as the use of backup programs that ensure the safe storage of personal data.​

6. As A Personal Data Owner, Your Rights Under The Law

With respect to your personal data processed, in accordance with the legislation:                                                                                         

  • Learning whether personal data is processed,
  • Request information if personal data has been processed,
  • Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
  • If personal data is processed incorrectly or missing, ask for them to be corrected, the law of 7. request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the scope of the article,
  • If personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed, request that they be corrected and/or notified of transactions related to the deletion or destruction of personal data to the third parties to which the personal data is transferred,
  • If personal data is damaged due to illegal processing, you have the right to request the removal of the damage.

Kucukbakkalköy Mah with wet signature along with documents where your identity can be identified. Dream Street No: 12 -18 35 Vogue Business Center K: 8 Ataşehir-Istanbul address can be delivered in person, sent via notary public or you can mail it to his address.

EFF organization responds to data owners who wish to exercise these rights within the limits provided for in the law within a maximum of thirty days (30) as provided for in the law. In order for third parties to request an application on behalf of personal data owners, there must be a special power of attorney issued by the data owner through a notary public on behalf of the person who will apply.

Although data owner applications are usually processed free of charge, charging may be made on this tariff if a fee tariff is stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Board.

EFF organization may request information from the person concerned in order to determine whether the applicant is the owner of personal data, and in order to clarify the issues specified in the application, it may ask the personal data owner about its application.


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